Why Infoset

It’s simple: Experience, resources, service, and dedication.

Infoset was established to continue a long running passion for developing great content and getting it to the world. Its mission is to benefit creators of digital works, curators of humanities resources, researchers, publishers, librarians, and the public by making digital connections.

Relationships are important here, both those that have been developed over decades of experience in the digital domain and the new ones we seek to cultivate.

Strategic Partners

We collaborate with a team of domain experts to provide you with total solutions.


“A great deal of my life's work has been helping clients create, manage, and publish their content, be it reference, technical, or scholarly in nature. At Infoset I have the privilege to put 26 years of experience and all my enthusiasm to work for them.” —STEPHEN PERKINSManaging Member

What People Say

“Stephen understands the world of academic publishing and editing so well that he is equal parts problem solver and collaborator with us and not just a vendor for hire.” Susan Holbrook Perdue, Director, Documents Compass
“In the more than five years I've worked with him, Stephen has proved a highly skilled trouble shooter with deep domain experience. He's an attentive, creative and enthusiastic collaborator focused on providing the best customer experience.” Kevin Mulroy, Potomac Global Media, LLC
“Stephen Perkins sets high standards for himself and his firm, providing the finest performance and customer service I’ve ever experienced.” Sharon Kilzer, Project Manager, Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson University
“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Stephen on development of a 'bleeding' edge, digital advertising market research solution while I was at Ipsos. . . .  highly responsive and always available to collaborate. . . . There wasn't a problem that he couldn't solve!” Alan Thompson, VP, Global Digital Product Development, Ipsos ASI
“. . .  easy to work with, unfailingly helpful, and exceedingly generous. I look forward to our next collaboration.” Joan Houston Hall, Chief Editor, Dictionary of American Regional English