Infoset Launches New Website

The first six months here at Infoset have been exciting and challenging. It became clear after only a short while that the sweet spot for this endeavor will be continuing to serve in the digital humanities realm. Having made choices in platforms, tools, and partners to move forward with some focus is being given to presenting Infoset’s work and building a base of content for all interested parties: The new

In the upcoming weeks and months articles and videos are coming your way over a wide range of topics. Here are some planned:

  • Islandora: The Basics
  • What’s ‘OAIS’ Mean? And Why Should I Care?
  • Volunteer Transcription Teams
  • Open Standards Rundown: MADS, MODS, METS, EAC-CPF, TEI, DITA, RDF and more.
  • You’re All Digital Immigrants (or Will Be)
  • The Islandora Digital Humanities Solution Pack
  • The Infoset Capture, Metadata, and Markup Accelerator Program
  • The Risks of Not Defining Your Project Well Enough
  • . . . and More!

If there’s anything you’d like to see sooner than later, or have something you think people in the community would like to know more about, let us know.