Infoset signed as consulting partner with SyncRO Soft

We’re pleased to announce we’ve signed as a Consulting Partner with SyncRO Soft!

SyncRO Soft develops the industry-acclaimed oXygen XML Editor, facilitating teams in small businesses, Fortune 500 enterprises, universities, government agencies, and international organizations in authoring documents, publishing in different formats, collaborating with team members, and managing content.

Infoset assists our clients in adopting oXygen XML Editor for their projects, and in applying full use of its powerful feature set to their work. We also use it as our XML Integrated Development Environment (IDE) when developing in XSLT, XML Schema, CSS, and other languages it supports. Our new status as Consulting Partner gives us access to a partner-exclusive knowledge center; priority technical support; and access to early product release and beta testing programs which allow us to keep you in the know on upcoming changes. See more about our oXygen services here, and its full feature set at the oXygen XML Editor site.