InfoCamps: Islandora Training by Infoset

Increase your Islandora ROI the Fun Way!

No matter how powerful the technology and software you employ at your digital endeavors, making the most of it and creating great works relies on the skills, familiarity, and comfort level of the users.

The Islandora digital asset management framework is amazing but all that functionality can be daunting to navigate and advanced configurations require some know how. That’s where Infoset can help with one of our InfoCamp training sessions. Have an expert come to you virtually or in person to give a guided tour that puts you in a position to comfortably leverage Islandora’s power. Our sessions are enthusiastic, informative, fun, and sample materials and sandbox access are provided so you can play along. It’s a great time to consider having an InfoCamp if you’re:

  • Just getting started with Islandora or evaluating it as a potential digital asset management solution.
  • Onboarding new team members.
  • Need advanced or administrative training.

Infoset provides a flexible set of sessions and options you can tailor for your circumstance. Choose sessions such as:

  • The Basics: Ingest, Manage, Edit
  • Islandora Administration
  • Advanced: Solr Configuration and XML Forms

Optionally you can have Infoset:

  • Tailor training specific to the collections and tasks your users are responsible for.
  • Provide updates on new features, modules, and development underway.
  • Hold your session on site or online

In all sessions we give you ways to connect to virtual resources and the Islandora community.

InfoCamp in Session!

InfoCamp under way at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, Spring 2015.

VFH Islandora Camp 2015


InfoCamps are priced as follows:

  • 2 hour virtual session: $250
  • 4 hour virtual session: $500
  • 1 day on site: $950 + Travel


Ready to leverage your investment in Islandora and expand your digital frontiers? Contact Infoset.