Digital Works and Their Migrant Offspring: Infoset Poster Session from the 2015 ADE STS Conference

It was our pleasure to create a poster session for this year’s joint conference for the Association of Documentary Editing (ADE) and the Society for Textual Scholarship (STS). MORE>>>


InfoCamps: Islandora Training by Infoset

No matter how powerful the technology and software you employ at your digital endeavors, making the most of it and creating great works relies on the skills, familiarity, and comfort level of the users. The Islandora digital asset management framework is amazing but all that functionality can be daunting to navigate and advanced configurations require some know how. That’s where Infoset can help with one of our InfoCamp training sessions. MORE>>>


Islandora Deployment Options: What Works Best for You?

If you’re reading this there’s an assumption that you’re either interested in what Islandora has to offer as a digital asset management solution, or already committed to implementing it. In either event: To fully evaluate, plan, and/or implement Islandora as a solution you’ll need to decide how you will handle deploying it, and that’s what this information is designed to help with.  MORE>>>


The Language of Development: 
Communicating with Tech Teams to Manifest Digital Dreams

Any time people from different domains of expertise need to collaborate, things go better with a common understanding of the terms used to describe the components and facets of the projects they’re engaged in. Coming from different professions, environments, and perspectives, project participants can find themselves unfamiliar with the language being spoken.  MORE>>>


Introduction to Islandora

The intent of this post is to provide a mid-level overview of the Islandora open source digital asset management framework with enough information for the reader to qualify whether it can provide your project, institution, or organization (public or private) with a solution for curating, enriching, and publishing collections of all sorts of assets.  MORE>>>


Infoset Launches New Website

The first six months here at Infoset have been exciting and challenging. It became clear after only a short while that the sweet spot for this endeavor will be continuing to serve in the digital humanities realm. MORE>>>


Infoset Works with Ippon USA to Expand Offerings

Have enterprise level, mission critical application development needs? Is your organization undergoing an Agile transformation? Migrating to  the Java technology stack? Infoset can help find a solution by connecting you to Ippon USA. MORE>>>


Infoset and Scribe Inc. Create Total Solutions

This week Infoset and Scribe Inc. have formally agreed to work together in offering total solutions built on their combined strengths.  Scribe’s data conversion services offer Infoset’s clients a path to capture legacy data with proven high levels of quality at a competitive cost. MORE>>>


Infoset signed as consulting partner with SyncRO Soft

We’re pleased to announce we’ve signed as a Consulting Partner with SyncRO Soft! MORE>>>


Phase one conversion of Thomas Jefferson’s Memorandum Books completed by Infoset

Edited by James A. Bear Jr. & Lucia C. Stanton, and originally printed in 1997 as a part of the Second Series of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson's Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767-1826 constitutes a rich and detailed record of many facets of not only Jefferson's life, but of his associates and the times. . . . MORE>>>